Professional Services:

The erosion of knowledge and the complexity of the applications create a gap between the project needs and the knowledge of the staff.  LFServices help bridge this gap by providing tactical support for legacy mainframe projects.

Our technical team leverages the discovery capabilities of LFSentinel to deliver the specific intelligence needed by the project.  Typical situations and projects that can benefit from our services include

  Project planning and price quoting

  Crisis situations


  Testing of outsourced deliverables

  Application upgrade or replacement

  Dynamic test environment and test data



Custom Software Solutions:

We build custom software for business problems with applications or operations.  Our solutions are robust and efficient. 


All custom software is fixed price.  We provide a summary of the solution design and deliverables for customer evaluation prior to engagement.




If you are about to engage in a major initiative or just want to increase project throughput, you should seriously consider employing the services of Legacy Forward and leveraging the value that we will provide.