Put application knowledge at your fingertips.
Free up experts to work on critical functions.
Give newbies an instant productivity boost.

Another integrated feature is the concurrent development manager, which is extremely useful for team communication, project analysis, and integrated testing.  It is passive in nature and takes no active role in source and change management.


Some of the benefits of Profiler include:

  SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) productivity can be increased an estimated 20%.

  Discovery time is reduced from days/weeks to minutes, enabling a quick response to a crisis.

  Both internal and external application technicians are swiftly brought up-to-speed.

  Project cost and timing estimates are more accurate for both internal resources and external vendors.


Profiler is an automated engine that maintains accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the enterprise infrastructure.  It is the basic component of LFSentinel and is prerequisite for all other tools.


Profiler provides powerful views of the detailed structure and usage of all system elements, like

   elements and applications

   static and dynamic data flows

   relationships, interfaces and more


You may profile at many levels - the entire enterprise or application, a program or subroutine, a table or a column within it.  The profile may be presented in different views like trees, flowcharts, lists, and grids, or exported to your own analytical and graphical tools.


Profiler maintains a library of user-contributed knowledge that preserves the experience of the application experts.  Unlike stand-alone documents, this knowledge is tightly integrated to the application and can be easily viewed.