Increase productivity of SDLC.
Improve quality with solid test planning.
Retire applications with confidence.
Quick to install & Easy to learn.

LFSentinel is a suite of intelligent discovery tools for mainframe installations running z/OS and MVS operating systems.  It delivers decision-support intelligence for large projects as well as for everyday challenges, including

  structure and usage of applications

  impact of a change on the enterprise

  testing requirements for a group of elements. 


LFSentinel obtains its core knowledge by scanning applications and their supporting infrastructure.  The knowledge is stored in a web-based server and accessed with a standard Internet browser. The scanning is fast and can be scheduled at anytime.


The intelligence generated can be profiled at different functional or hierarchical levels in a number of views including graphical trees, flowcharts, and statistical summaries.


Due to extensive time and resources, research is compromised today, leading to false starts and implementation errors. With LFSentinel, the time is reduced from days/weeks to minutes, which results in an estimated 20% productivity increase.  Its thorough documentation enables the development of solid test plans, minimizing the time spent chasing errors.


LFSentinel can be up and running in less than two weeks: one week for enterprise review and the second week for deployment and analysis.