Reduce research time and cost. Provide solid decision making support. Trace the data paths for batch
       and online applications. Enable good technical governance.

Upfront analysis is essential to the success of the project, but often compromised because of cost or time.  LFSentinel enables a user that is unfamiliar with an application to answer difficult questions in minutes, rather than days, weeks, or never.


So what can you do with the analysis tools?  Here's a short sample.

  • Determine the impact of retiring an application.
  •  Identify the critical path of an application.
  •  Gather information for project design.
  •  Create or validate the operational schedules.
  •  Analyze the impact of a change.
  •  Investigate the reusability of application elements.


Perhaps the most powerful feature of LFSentinel is the depth and scope of its analytical tools as they are unmatched by their innovation, power, and utility.


LFSentinel has two types of analytical tools.  The first provides instant analysis of the application structure and usage.  Examples of this type of analyze include

  • interface files between applications
  • structural grouping of all project elements
  • change impact of a DB2 column
  • dataflow into and out of the enterprise        

The second are dataflow tools that are easy to operate and empower the user to perform target-specific and exploratory analyses that